About the Bowkers

The Bowker family arrived in South Africa with the British Settlers in 1820 and settled at Thorn Kloof (our primary hunting area) in the 1840s. Some of the accommodations are situated in the original homestead which has been renovated to include en suite bathrooms. The love of hunting and conservation has been inherited by the present generation, Frank, Meyrick and Denham Bowker. Your professional hunters as well as the skinners and trackers were all raised on Thorn Kloof therefore having an excellent knowledge of the animal habits and hunting area.

May 1970 saw the first safari in the Eastern Cape by an American hunter. Since then we have hosted hunters from 6 continents, including several Weatherby Award winners as well as those enthusiastic and dedicated hunters going for their Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper awards.

Many families have safaried with us, with the children often experiencing hunting for the first time while hunting their very first animal here. When hunting with Bowker Safaris, most of the time is spent hunting not travelling long distances, as most species occur within 1 hour of camp, some within 20 minutes.We own our own land and have access to vast concessions.

Hunting is conducted all year round.

The Rhino is native to Asia and Africa. There are two species, the white and black rhinos. The color refers to the color of the Rhinos' lips and not the color of the animal. The white rhino is also twice as large and has a hump on its back. African rhinos have two horns while Asian Rhinos' have one. Both are found to be on the verge of extinction. Rhinos grow to become 3.8 meters long and 1.5 meters tall at the shoulder. They can weigh up to 3600 pounds. Both the males and the females have horn. They tend to live 40-45 years in captivity. Rhinos live in groups of up to 13.