These range from the original homestead in the Eastern Cape to tented camps and thatched rondavels which also have good facilities and are extremely comfortable.

The homestead which was built in 1840 which has been refurbished to include bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, electricity and all the modern conveniences including hairdryers, heaters, electric blankets and fans. Some of the frontier wars were fought out of this homestead, it was burnt down in 1842 and then renovated in 1844.

Enjoy home cooked gourmet meals which include various types of game meat with superb South African wines.

Your food preferences will be catered to where possible. Just let us have your details of your special requirements and we will do our best to satisfy you.

All laundry is done on a daily basis.

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The only african animal with a white ring across the rump. The female waterbuck does not have horns. Waterbuck are gazers and will eat most grasses. The males are very aggressive towards each other, especially in the mating season. When Waterbuck bulls fight, it is usual, for more than two to be involved. Fatal wounds can be inflicted when two bulls are locked together facing each other, a third Waterbuck bull attacks from the side, inflicting a fatal wound to the stomach area.
The very sharp horns render the Bushbuck very dangerous when wounded. A close relative of the Kudu and the Nyala. The rams are very elegant in appearance, sporting dark greyish-brown fur, with white spots on the flanks and prominent white socks. In height they are 700mm at the shoulders, and have a maximum mass of 54 Kg's. Ewes are smaller and adult ewes are lighter in colour than rams, with more pronounced white spots and stripes.