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Nyala are found near thickets in dry savanna woodlands, and prefer proximity to high quality grassland and fresh water as well. They are medium sized in comparison to other antelopes, with a marked size difference between the sexes. Males can weigh upto 98-125 kg and stand over one meter tall at the shoulder, while females weigh 55-68 kg and are slightly less than a meter tall. Males have horns, which can be up to 80 cm long and spiral upwards, curving out at the first turn. Females and juveniles are usually a rusty red color, but adult males become slate gray.
The Suni is found exclusiv-
ely in the south-eastern coastal regions of Africa ranging from south-eastern Kenya to Natal and Transvaal of north-eastern South Africa. Also found on the islands of Zanzibar and Mafia off the coast of Tanzania. They enjoy thick, dry underbrush terranes either in montane forests above 9000 feet or in riparian reed named for its pungent smell originating from preorbital glands that produce a musky secretion. It has a slender build and relatively high hindquarters. Dorsally it has a speckled appearance and varies from gray to rich chestnut with a reddish tinge. The sides of its body are paler and the underparts, the chin, throat, and the insides of the legs, are white. Only male Suni have horns, which range from 6.5 cm to 13.3 cm. The horns are wideset, black, ridged, and slant back in line with the face. Suni are distinguishable from other small antelope by the absence of tufts of long hair on their heads and knees.