My wife and I have hunted with the Bowkers on four occasions. Each one was memorable and the animals taken were all excellent. We enjoyed our hosts Frank and Jenny and became good friends and look forward to seeing them each year at the SCI convention. Our accommodations and food were wonderful but most important was the great times we had with Frank and Jenny. These memories will last a lifetime. Don & Renee Headings.

You will find the Bowkers to be excellent hosts. The accommodations are outstanding and a piece of the Bowkers" and South African history. The meals are varied and sumptuous and if you have any special requests let them be known and Jenny will be sure they are met. Frank is a delight to be around. He is not only an outstanding guide but has a great sense of humor. The hunting each day was fantastic but another highlight of the day was the sundowners and the casual atmosphere made available each evening by the Bowkers. My wife and I have done two safaris with the Bowkers with 100% success rate. We have taken more than 24 record book trophies with them. "Hunt with the Bowkers and you will have a great experience." James R. Grimm.

Great hunt!!!! All types of plains game in abundance. PHs are professional and know how and where to locate species of game you are hunting. We were at home in our room with private bath. Each night we would gather in the lodge for a drink and discussion of the day's activities before indulging in a delicious family style meal with the best South African wines. Don't leave without visiting the wonderful game parks within easy driving distance. A not to be missed hunting experience. Larry & Nadine Huls.

Ken Moberg. Worldwide hunter and life member of SCI, NRA, NAHC says, "Bowkers is the place for a wide selection of great trophy animals, home cooked meals and 160 years of private ownership and local history. The best Cape Kudu hunting I have ever seen. Anything you need can be hunted at Bowkers with confidence. Professional Hunters that know the land because its theirs. No guess work here!

I hunted at Bowker Safaris and would recommend this hunt. It is quite a place with tens of thousands of acres of hunting area. The game are abundant and the guides were knowledgeable and energetic. We hunted kudu, warthog, impala, springbok and several other species with great success. The accommodations were excellent, as were the home cooked meals. The Bowkers really know how to take care of you. Bobby Frederick

Our trip with Bowker Safaris was an experience we will never forget. The accommodations were wonderful, every meal delicious..The hunting was even more than we expected we were able to get all the animals that we had planned on. Our experiences ranged from animals to casinos, golf courses to the ocean, shopping and dining it was all wonderful. Hunt and travel with the Bowker family for a vacation experience you will never forget. Shorty & Sally Silva.

..a slow morning was seeing 6 or 7 types of game. The hunting included several exciting stalks, most of which were successful and provided great opportunities for all of us to take prize animals. The facilities were very comfortable, the food was wonderful with many opportunities to eat the same animal species that you might be hunting. My non-hunting wife had a great time going to the local towns to shop and sightsee with Jenny. We have plans to return in 2005. Werter family.

I have hunted with Bowker Safaris 4 times.Guides are knowledgable, facilities pleasant, and their buffet style three meals a day offers a nice array of food including a taste of the game being hunted. In addition to the hunting, Bowker Safaris is extremely helpful in organizing any sightseeing that you might want to do. Bill Parsons.

...hunting is excellent, quality of the game outstanding. My wife, son and daughter have had two safaris with the Bowkers. My son and I hunted while my wife and daughter toured and shopped. Jenny, Frank, Meyrick and Denham made our stay very much fun and memorable. My wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding at Thorn Kloof. What a special occasion. The food is always delicious but that evening they outdid themselves. We are planning to return a third time in the very near future. Ennis family.

I have hunted with the Bowkers on two safaris and hope to hunt with them again. Lots of animals, great food, accommodations, with a very experienced staff to make my safaris very memorable. NEVER A DULL MOMENT. Thomas B. Cacy

My hunt with Frank Bowker in the Eastern Cape was fun, rewarding and outstanding in all aspect. Frank has a lifetime experience as a Ph and is familiar with the game and terrain, so he constantly finds trophy quality animals. I stayed in the guest house at Thorn Kloof and was accepted into the family and enjoyed outstanding meals. Best of all, Jenny, Frank, Meyrick and Denham have remained my good hunting friends and we correspond frequently via the internet and renew our friendship each year at the SCI convention. Bob Shelton.

My hunt with Bowker Safaris exceeded all of my expectations. Wayne Rathcke

The Harte-
beest is a large ungulate ranging from 1.5 m to 2.45 m in length. Its tail is 300 to 700 mm and shoulder height is 1.1 to 1.5 m. It is characterized by a steeply sloping back, long legs, large glands below the eyes, a tufted tail, and a long, narrow rostrum. It has paler patches of hair on most of its rump and chest and on parts of its face. It has been suggested that the pale hair on the rump may be presented in attracting mates or to ward off aggressors. It inhabits the savannahs and grasslands of Africa. It is tolerant of high grasses and may be found in woodland or scrubs and more often in countries such as Botswana, Namibia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Kenya.
Eland live in both steppe and sparse forests. They are also found in semi desert areas and at elevations up to 14400 ft. They are confined to southern Africa from Ethiopia and southern DRC to South Africa. During the heat of the day, they are often found in shaded areas. The males are much larger than females, weighing 400-1000 kg compared to 300-600 kg for females. Hides are a uniform fawn color with some vertical white striping on the upper parts. A dewlap, thought to be an adaptation for heat dissapation, hangs from the throat and neck. Heavy horns are twisted in a corkscrew fashion and grow up to 4 ft. long on males, 2.2 ft. long on females. A short mane occurs on the nape, and males have long hairs on the throat.
Presently Bontebok are found only on game farms and reservations throughout South Africa. They with the Blesbok occurred historically on grassy plains which may or may not of had trees. They reach a mass of between 50 and 80 kg's. They have the same adult color pattern, relatively dark dorsal pelage contrasting sharply with high, white stockings and buttocks. Bontebok have a dark and glossy, purplish-brown dorsal pelage, and the blesbok has a reddish-brown dorsal pelage. The Bontebok mate mainly in February while the Blesbok mate mainly in April.