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Rifle Information

We advise you bring your “old faithful” hunting rifle, the rifle that you have done most of your hunting with and most familiar with. The most popular calibres are 270, 7mm, 30-06 and 300 Win but any calibre from 270 up is sufficient to hunt most of our plains game. 375 H & H is the minimum legal requirement for a buffalo hunt.  Bowker Safaris do have a selection of rifles to hire if needed. $30 per rifle per day plus ammunition used.

Travelling with Firearms

If you will be bringing your own rifle, download the SAP 520 Temporary Rifle Import Permit and the Trophy Requirements Document SAPS form 520.

  • Your selection of firearms and serial numbers and descriptions for same (to go on the Invitation Letter);
  • Number of rounds for each firearm;
  • Signed “Motivation Letter” (download an example & check the firearms part to be completed)
  • You need the USA Form 4457 for each firearm from your local customs office.
  • Flight itinerary into and out of the country;
  • Passport copy
  • Invitation Letter
  • Online purchase of the two one way plane tickets listed here – (must bring the credit card used for the tickets);

Check your passport to make sure you have at least 3 blank pages for stamps (RSA rules).

On arrival at Johannesburg.  Baggage will come out on the carousel at baggage claim but the gun cases will go straight to the Police shop outside the secured baggage claim. You should meet the Meet & Greet at the Police shop which is out of the secure area to the far-RIGHT side next to the bathrooms and the mobile phone sales shops.

If you would like assistance through customs we recommend visiting Air 2000, website or alternatively contact us before travelling and we can assist.

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