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We provide ultimate and comprehensive hunting experiences, throughout Southern Africa. We are a family owned hunting operation founded in 1970 by Frank and Jenny Bowker. Hunting has been in the family since the early 1800’s when the family arrived in Southern Africa. Many of the Bowkers hunted all through Africa in the days of the great walk in safaris. Bowker Safaris is  rooted in the tradition of hunting that goes back 8 generations.

Today Frank, Meyrick,  Alexis & Lily Bowker carry on with these traditions in the original homestead which provides a great ambience and warm hospitality for all our local and international hunting clients. We look forward to sharing this experience with you.

We specialize in dangerous game and Eastern Cape plains game safaris which include many species not found anywhere else in Africa. Great walk and stalk bow, handgun and rifle hunting opportunities as well as world class wingshooting in our exclusive concessions. Check the SCI record books dating back to the 70’s for all the great trophies collected by our clients.